Putting it into Practice

After all our learning and experiences together, we love to provide opportunities for you to put it all into practise!  In partnership with our sister camps and churches, we facilitate volunteer placements during the rest of the summer. This phase of the program looks different for each camper, depending on their availability.

We do encourage campers to protect time in their summer schedules to make room for this important element of the program. It is often at placements that we see campers really grow and shine as they emerge in their leadership and continue to live in a Christian community. We know summer jobs and vacations may quickly fill up the remaining summer weeks, but we hope some time will be available for you to volunteer.

Most placements happen at one of the three sister camps we visit during the program (Silver Lake, Cave Springs, Ryerson). Many camp staffs are filled with LDC alumni so they love working with you all! We also work with churches and community groups to help facilitate leadership opportunities (Vacation Bible Camps, local kids programs, etc). At registration day, you will provide LDC staff with the dates you are available for placements.

Please note: Placements are assessed on an individual basis and are at the discretion of the LDC staff. Placements are not guaranteed.

Prior to your placements, you will receive more specific details. You and your parent/guardian will also be required to fill out a Voluntary Disclosure Form (as a type of reference/police check) in which you will be asked to disclose any previous criminal or illegal convictions.