These are some of the stops along the way from our usual program. Please note this will not be the route or specific program this 2021 year. We will be limiting our travel route in 2021.
Reference only to give you a sense of the types of activities and opportunities LDC includes: 

- Registration at Silver Lake Camp

- Travel to Algonquin Park; Canoe Trip

 - Fun & Swim at Gravenhurst YMCA

- Travel to Cave Springs Camp

- LID-Led Worship Service at St. John United

- Service Project at Gleaners Outreach

- Travel to Ryerson Camp

 - Pick up at Ryerson Camp

Silver Lake Camp

SLC is the first stop along our journey. Silver Lake is located near Kincardine, Ontario.  You’ll register here and begin to get to know the fabulous strangers who will soon feel like family!  We’ll spend time in sessions, workshops, worship, and work projects for the Silver Lake site. There will be times for fun around campfire and games too (led by you of course!) Often there’s a bit of time to jump in the lake or catch a game of volleyball and to soak up the beauty of this awesome camp!  You will stay in cabins with bunk beds/mattresses. Hot showers and bathrooms provided on site. The SLC kitchen staff will provide nutritious meals for us during our stay.

Registration opens at TBD

Algonquin Park - Northern Wilderness Outfitters

After a long bus-ride from Silver Lake, we’ll arrive at Northern Wilderness Outfitters which provides a base camp and launching site for our canoe trip. We’ll spend more time in our small groups and sessions, and also learn some key canoe trip skills from the experienced staff. We stay in a lodge at NWO, which has neither beds (time to use inflatable mattresses/mats) nor showers (outdoor bathrooms only). No showers; Outdoor bathrooms only. NWO is such a beautiful space and such a great way to connect with nature, meet with God, and prepare for the canoe adventure ahead of us!

Note: We will bring all our luggage to the outfitters, but then just pull out the minimal supplies/clothing/sleeping bag that we will need for the offsite canoe trip. No need to buy any canoe trip backpacks, etc. We will provide what you need.

Algonquin Park - Canoe Trip

After preparing at the outfitters, we'll be ready to launch into our canoe trip adventure! We will paddle and portage into Algonquin's serene lakes and rivers for a three day/two night wilderness adventure. If that's intimidating, know that many LIDs who have never even seen a canoe before have conquered the trip in years past; they return with new skills and new confidence in themselves!.  It may stretch you out of your comfort zone but is often one of the most memorable parts of our journey for campers! We’ll canoe to our campsites, sleep in tents, cook our own food, laugh around campfires, and grow closer in our small groups!  

Cave Springs Camp

Our next big stop is the fabulous Cave Springs Camp, located in Beamsville, Ontario.  We’ll return to camp style living - cabins, showers, kitchen prepared meals - and continue in our journey of learning through more workshops, service projects, worship times, etc.  We’ll also create an opportunity for a swim in their pool or tackle Cave Spring’s high ropes course in your free time!

Note: During our time here, some essential laundry will be done to help you get to the end of the camp while still smelling (somewhat) fresh!  Take that into consideration as you pack!

St. John United Church - Hamilton Worship Service

Church may look different to each of us.  As we step out in our leadership and understanding of worship and Jesus, campers will have the opportunity to put together their own church service for their parents, friends, and community!  Through drama, music, tech support, hospitality, and teachings, we will have the chance to share the great message of Jesus with those who attend! And a great chance to squeeze in a visit with your family or friends halfway through your journey!  

We will stay at the church for one night (no showers, no beds; sleeping mat encouraged).

Ryerson Camp

Our last home for the final stretch of our journey.  Ryerson Camp is a beautiful camp located near Turkey Point, overlooking Lake Erie.  We will again return to camp-style living (cabins, showers, camp staff prepared meals) and pack our final days with more sessions, workshops, worship, leadership opportunities, and even a day trip into Simcoe for some service opportunities.  And of course some times of fun campfires, games, and activities led by you - our fabulous campers!

Pick up is TBD