Servant Leadership - LDC's key principle

Obviously learning how to be an effective leader is an important component of Leadership Development Camp! Whether you feel like an experienced leader or not, we know as Christians that each person in our community has unique gifts and talents to offer the whole: together we can develop that potential! Together we will learn and experience growth as a leaders, based on Biblical principles and practical skills. We make sure that your learning times are interactive and relevant to you through teachings, discussion sessions, workshops, and connecting in small groups.

Over the two weeks, we will provide you with hands-on opportunities to SERVE and to LEAD in leadership roles. You will learn how to serve one another and how to lead service projects and program activities at camp. From leading games, to painting a fence, to organizing a worship time, you will be coached in how to be an effective leader. These experiences will give you many opportunities to discover and live out LDC's key principle, "servant leadership”.  

These are foundations that will not only be helpful if wanting to work on a summer camp staff someday, but also in future communities, jobs, and in life! Many LDC alumni say that Leadership Camp was the most significant training and teaching they have received in their self-growth and leadership formation.