On a Journey...Together

Do you wrestle with questions about God?

Do you desire to experience God in new ways?

Do you want opportunities to put your faith into action?

Do you want to learn how to stay connected to Jesus even when you're away from camp?

We are all on a journey in our faith.  And we want to walk alongside you, encourage you, and equip you with some tools to take along with you! Leadership Development Camp is a great place to take those next steps in your faith journey!

Many of you may have had significant encounters with God at camp. Some of you may have been raised in a church-going family.  While others of you may feel you are still new to it all. You don’t have to “have it all together” but we will be spending lots of time exploring different elements of the Christian faith and so we simply ask you come with an open heart and mind to take risks and soak up all that God may want to show you!  

Deepen your faith through teachings, worship, Bible studies, prayer, and real-life application, as we dive into what it means to be a Christian!  We’ll dig deep, we’ll learn together, we’ll sing together, we’ll pray together. It’s a big part of the program and we promise you it will be fun and impactful and transformative!