...of sharing life with 18-25 other teens and leaders. You may know a few faces from your previous camp experiences or maybe you don’t know anyone!  It’s all good! By the end of our time together, you will have grown close to your fellow campers and staff. From silly memories to significant sharing and even through difficult situations, we will grow and learn together as a family.

Prepare yourself  for opportunities to get to know, live, and work alongside people with different personalities, fabulous gifts, and lots to offer you!  We seek to foster a community of respect, unity, and love. And if you do come with friends, get ready to also get to know new people too!

Some of the greatest lessons you will walk away with from this experience will come from the practical and rich moments in community. Learning from one another and serving one another is a powerful thing. We learn so much from each other and will create incredible memories together! Many friendships formed at LDC last a lifetime!