Wow!  We did it!  This has got to be one of the most challenging, most anticipated, most persevering LDC experiences and we haven’t even started yet!  We all have waited and wondered if we would get to be at LID this summer… and here we are!  Thank you God!  While we know it may look different that other years, this is YOUR LID CAMP and it will be awesome!  We’ve actually been blessed to be able to keep so much of the ‘traditional’ LID Camp experience to the schedule and now we just need you!

You have come to this page because YOU have been accepted to Leadership Development Camp this summer!  Congratulations! We are so excited! It's going to be an amazing journey! But like all journey's... you need to prepare well!

Please read/ download/print all the downloadable documents.  This outlines details about LDC and will answer most of the questions you have. Please please please take the first step as a leader in training to make sure YOU and your PARENTS/GUARDIANS read/print the forms and information on that link.  It will make you more prepared!  

We will be adding more information about our important COVID-19 plans as they develop.  We do want to again emphasize that starting JUNE 20 please limit your exposure to risk of the COVID-19 virus.  If you do need to interact outside of your immediate household, please be sure to wear your mask properly and maintain physical distancing.  This will be CRITICAL to limiting our risk while at LDC which will be way more complicated to manage.  So please don't use the 14days prior to LDC to bend the rules (don't visit with friends unmasked/undistanced; dont sleep over at friends houses, etc).

But more important than all these forms and information... Our deepest prayer beyond all the crazy fun we will have (oh and there WILL BE CRAZY FUN... trust me), beyond the incredible moments in community, beyond all the practical skills you will gain, beyond all the cool stuff you'll get to do, our biggest hope is that you will truly experience God in new ways - that you will deepen your relationship with Jesus! Regardless if you feel strong in your faith or it's still all a bit new - come with open hearts and open minds and I can promise you God will show up!  So aside from getting all your STUFF ready/packed/prepared, remember to get your hearts and minds ready too!  Pack a heart ready to work, serve, learn, and love well!  Amidst all the fun and awesomeness of camp life, there will be lots of times of teaching, learning, serving, being stretched.  You'll be asked to step up - to serve - to lead. It's a shift from being just a camper to a leader. Which can be both exciting and challenging!  That's how we grow as leaders and as people. Doesn't mean you have to be the strongest leader or bestest Christian, but come eager to learn and serve! 🙂

Any questions, please reach out to us from the webpage / or

Rhonda Elgersma – 905-517-3582 /

Steve Cowley –  905-807-7749 /